Steve Reich Is Calling

What would it sound like if Steve Reich called you?


A series of interactive web apps for Flume's Grammy award winning album "Skin"


Resound is an experiment in the new world of audiovisual work in VR.

Synthetic Habitats

An exploration of the Macaulay Library of wildlife sounds, the worlds largest and oldest scientific archive of biodiversity audio and video recordings.

Movement Music

Giving dancers new opportunities for expression with digital sensors.

Wavetable Synthesizer

An investigation into tangible synthesis interfaces.

Music In The Age of Surveillance

Sonifying your browsing


A procedural virtual reality experiment in generative realities. Generative terrain and music combine to create an endless environment.


A touch reactive wall with which users could interact with oscillating wave nodes.

The Fetishism of Commodities

An exploration into the capitalist-laborer relationship.



Music for one of the largest high-resolution video walls in the world